About Us

The past decade has seen industrial globalization. The companies that have survived and grown in business are those who are able to harness the technology, manpower and manufacturing resources wherever they are available in the world for the maximum quality output to cost ratio. An idea may be developed by a small group in USA or Germany, it may be compared with alternate approaches and matured into a feasible concept by another group in Canada, its implementation in the hardware may be designed in Singapore, and the drawings may be prepared and the software code written in India. The manufacture of parts and their integration may be in other suitable locations.

Technology Development Consultancy Center (TDCC) was conceptualized in the mid nineties to facilitate this trend. TDCC or its past/ present associates have contributed in several diverse areas such as DNA Arraying Robots, Bio-technology Automation, Bio-medical process Automation like prophylactic product line upgrades, Manufacturing Technology Automation, Machine Tools, Simulation, Animation, and Modeling. Based on the past achievements of the expertise available at TDCC, it can be said that TDCC has the capability and enterprise to design and develop high technology concepts, prototypes, and products that can be patented and sold to the industry for several million dollars with potential for mass scale deployment of units to be functional in various research laboratories, institutions and consumers all over the world.